We challenge established thinking and drive transformation by leveraging technology to address business needs from all industries in the most efficient way possible.

We Innovate

Our customer's issues are approached from every angle to ensure every aspect is considered when crafting a solution.

Streamline Processes

Each process is carefully designed and refined to deliver the highest efficiency based on our customer's preferences.

Full Service

We exist to serve our customers, and take pleasure in being a one-stop shop for their software needs.

Benefits of CRM

Increase organizational sales revenue year-over-year by leveraging customer specific sales statistics.
Proactively identify sales potential through consistent customer contact.
Shorten and automate the sales cycle to increase overall productivity and eliminate the potential for human error.
Improve the overall customer experience so that each customer is treated like an organization's top customer.
Retain more customers while consistently growing total sales revenue with each account year-over-year.
Track, trend, and quickly respond to customer inquiries effectively while proactively informing account managers of current issues.
House all data in one centralized location to share all metrics of the customer with the people that service them.
Eliminate the need for spreadsheets entirely through the creation of an all inclusive system.
Integrate external systems such as social media, e-mail marketing, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
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Malik, Inc. - Sage CRM Tulsa

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Let the numbers speak

Our track record is one dedicated to service excellence, and the numbers don't lie.


Projects completed - 100% on time


Increase in sales for our customers


Customer Satisfaction 


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We produce happy clients through outstanding communication, creative problem-solving, and integrity.

“I have been blown away with how easy Basil is to work with, if I tell him what I want- he makes it happen. Moreover, he has learned how our company functions, thus allowing him to make recommendations of tools that he thinks will benefit us (and he is always right!).”

Alyssa Merna, Bloom Roofing

“Basil is highly professional, a great value, finishes what he starts, gets things done quickly and is great at teaching users how to maximize their ROI with Sage CRM.”

Dani Nichols, NAPCO

“I have been working with Basil since 2015 regarding CRM installations and I am very impressed with his work ethic."

Dennis Kantor, Sage Software
Larissa Krafft

"Basil always takes care of us regardless of if we are implementing something new or refining something else due to our company's growth. He's been instrumental in eliminating several manual processes, systematically identifying sales potential, and streamlining our sales process."

Larissa Krafft, Advanced Industrial Devices

“Basil is a person of integrity and action. He knows how to help sales and customer service teams maximize the potential of every customer relationship. If you have a company that serves customers, let him help you with your CRM solution. You will get more done in less time. And you'll have an organized process to get and keep customers.”

Russell Frazier, Visigility



We work for a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sectors.


Our Process

Each customer is serviced according to their needs, but our carefully designed consulting process ensures customer satisfaction time and time again.

Still curious?

See how some of our projects leverage CRM in different ways for different industries.


Read our views on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and various perspectives on how they can benefit your organization. Regardless of the industry, we aim to provoke thought in how a CRM system can be applied across any business that houses at a minimum a Sales, Marketing, or Customer Service department.

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We have a global reach to our clients. Regardless of where your office is located - we can provide service in one capacity or another.

Even when our offices are closed, we can be reached via e-mail. Our support inbox is available 24/7/365.

Interested in working with us? We partner with other software firms to handle every aspect of a CRM deployment.