Our mission is clear

We exist to bridge the gap between software and the organizations that use it, and to match software to each client that generates the greatest value. 



Basil Malik

We treat each of clients with the utmost respect and care in everything we do for them and their organization.

Software is what we do. People are our focus.

So many software providers put the emphasis on how good they are, and how their shiny solution can best benefit your organization. We strive to be different every day by focusing on the people that use the software.

Quite simply put - if people are unable to use the software they're given to accomplish what they need to do every day to do their job, the software will fail. The investment in that solution will be wasted, and it will be back to the drawing board yet again to make an attempt to identify another solution that might work.

Our job as consultants is to listen to the people from every position that will use the software, identify their specific needs, wants, and wish list items, and roll that all up into something that's user friendly and effective. Not every solution will be perfect, and that's ok. Few actually are, and most companies that achieve that level of software nirvana spend millions to get there.

Our promise to our clients is to deliver a solution that meets the needs of our clients' organizations without having to spend a fortune to attain it. We remain transparent at all times, and have gone so far to inform clients that the things they're asking for at times may create an adverse effect.

Integrity is one of our core operating principles. If a solution will not save a client's organization time or money, we make it very clear why. Each and every project we have completed to date has benefited that client tremendously while delivering cost savings every day.

If you represent an organization that finds itself consistently saying "this takes too long" or "there's got to be a better way" - let us be your first point of contact. We're here to simplify your organization's daily operations by leveraging software in your favor.

Don't settle for attempting to jam a square peg into a round hole with another canned software solution. I invite you to contact us today to experience the Malik, Inc. difference and to see why we boast about our 100% client satisfaction.

We Innovate

Approaching a problem should never be met with an "I don't know" or "what you're asking for is not possible." In this day and age of software, anything is possible. We strive to identify the most cost effective solution that generates the greatest value through cost avoidance, time savings, and resource management.

Our Promise

To treat each and every customer with the utmost integrity while leveraging knowledge of software systems to deliver the best solution based on our customer's needs.