Integrating an organization’s CRM system with data from an ERP system enables customer facing departments to conduct a more proactive and comprehensive approach while working out of one all-inclusive software system.

Information Silo

The Problem

Having customer data on hand is fantastic. However, when it comes to a comprehensive approach that is made available to all departments of the front office that interact with a client? Not so easy to provide that paramount level of service or consistently deliver an overall positive customer experience.

This becomes a problem when a customer would call in to sales (for example). The sales team would be blindsided by any customer service issues under review or specials that marketing was targeting to the customer. The salesperson that's supposed to be the client's "go-to" point of contact starts getting the side eye any time that single point of contact is perceived as not being informed.

The Solution

The Challenge

Breaking down information silos is never easy. The first step is to identify the data needed across systems. Once identified, that data needs to be replicated across both systems, and kept up to date as close to real-time as possible. Lastly, the information must be displayed in a way that effectively identifies items of importance across each business unit.

The Result

For this particular customer, we replicated sales information year-over-year for three years running to show alterations in overall customer revenue. The data was also used to proactively identify sales for customers that showed a deviation in that yearly revenue. The "at risk"/"potential" sales were then displayed within a dashboard gadget that automatically updated up the screen being reloaded.

In addition, we created cross-table views that displayed open customer cases. Not only would customer service be kept in the loop on current sales, but sales would be notified via an automated email whenever a new customer case was opened for that salesperson's account.

ERP Integration
Increased Sales Potential

Yearly Cost Avoidance


Potential Monthly Sales